free Wall-e wallpaper

free wallpaper from Disney.PIXAR  ( EVE and WALL-E in animation movie WALL-E )  http://adisney.go.com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/wall-e/flash_site.html?deeplink=Downloads

EVE’s eyes  are  full of expressions !!!

and  she can fly !!

        EVE  =  Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator
WALL-E  =  Waste Allocation Lift Loader – class Earth

3-CUP WALL-E widget

[clearspring_widget title=”3-CUP WALL-E widget” wid=”48c72fb9cc6a51fa” pid=”4989206e969b4bd6″ width=”304″ height=”404″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

kung fu chicken

my favorite Burger King commercial –  kung fu master and chicken student

Alice In Wonderland

a clip of my favorite movie,  Alice In Wonderland,  found in YouTube :